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SVANC Spring Festival April 17, 2022

We are proud to share with the community that SVANC held a very successful Spring Festival in partnership with CD6 and the Sun Valley Park! We want to thank all the volunteers who made this event possible. The SVANC Board members who organized this event had a great time preparing it, but it doesn’t compare to the fun we all had seeing the Poly High students being involved with hosting the activities for the younger children. Watching them interacting with the younger kids giving them balloons, hosting a few rounds of egg hunting, distributing popcorn, applying temporary tattoos, distributing goody bags, coloring and drawing with them was the most rewarding and satisfying part of this event!

We want to thank former board member Carmen Perez and Mr. Lee for making the tastiest popcorn. We want to thank Karla Maqueda, CD6, for providing free Covid test kits. We want to give a special shout out to Natalie García for volunteering to teach a couple of other kids how to properly apply the Covid test. Special thanks to Wendy Thum and Daniel Hill for their wonderful puppet show! Children fell in love with Bob, Rogelio, and Goat!

This sure was a beautiful Sunday spent with other families as one whole family!

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