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CA High Speed Rail

California High Speed Rail

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The following are files, documents and articles from both the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) and various other sources. Please go to the CHSRA Website for general information and to CHSRA Palmdale to Burbank Project Section for specific route information. Map of Palmdale to Burbank Project Section Map.

CHSRA Meetings regarding the Final EIR for Palmdale to Burbank Project

High Speed Rail FINAL Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Study (EIR/EIS) Meetings

From the California High Speed Rail Authority:

We are currently working toward the release of the Final EIR/EIS and wanted to let you know that we are planning to host an in-person community information and listening session in Pacoima. We will be sharing information and seeking input on potential improvements that are being considered to address local concerns and potential project impacts in Pacoima and Sun Valley that have been identified during the environmental study process.

This listening session will be held on:
• Date: Monday, November 6, 2023
• Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
• Location: Pacoima City Hall – 13520 Van Nuys Blvd., Pacoima, CA 91331

In addition, we will host a virtual meeting on:
November 7, 2023
from 12-1 pm via Zoom for those who prefer to join us online.

Zoom link:
Dial-In: 669-900-6833
Webinar ID: 824 8665 2308
Passcode: 876319

Both meetings will include Spanish interpretation.

We are inviting you and local neighborhood councils, local community-based organizations and others who have expressed interest in the project. You are also welcome to share this invitation with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

All requests for reasonable accommodation and/or other language services must be made 72 hours prior to each meeting by calling (800) 630-1039. For TTY/TTD assistance, please call the California Relay Service at 711.


The Palmdale to Burbank Project Section Team
(800) 630-1039

To view this map more clearly on their website, please go to:

Here is the link for the HSR preferred route SR14A video
with commentary form the HSR Authority.

DRAFT EIR (DEIR) for Palmdale to Burbank Project Section

The Draft Environmental Impact Report / Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIR/EIS) was released Sept. 2, 2022.  Here are the documents and related information:

CA High Speed Rail Authority

Draft 2022 Business Plan

With the release of the draft business plan, the Authority Board will review management’s recommendations and seek input as part of a 60-day public comment period that starts 2/8/22 and closes 4/11/22. The Authority is providing the following options for submitting comments:

As of 2022, the cost of the HSR is anywhere from $77B to $105B. In 2008 when this was approved by voters, the budget was $45B. (click image to enlarge)

Online comment form through the Draft 2022 Business Plan website at:
By email at:
U.S. mail to the Authority:
California High-Speed Rail Authority
Attn: Draft 2020 Business Plan
770 L Street, Suite 1180
Sacramento, CA 95814
Voicemail comment at: (916) 384-9516
Provide public comment at the two upcoming Board of Directors Meeting within the public comment period being held virtually on February 17 and March 17.

Palmdale to Burbank Project Section

Sun Valley Area Potential Property Impacts Map – Zoom in to view the HSR San Fernando Rd. Corridor.

CHSRA Update Presentation with Power Point given to SVANC on Feb. 9, 2022.

Sun Valley – Potential Property Impacts. Click to enlarge map.

CHSRA Power Point Presentation given to the SVANC Board at a Town Hall Meeting held Oct. 9, 2018

Non-Support of CA. High Speed Rail Power Point presentation (as PDF) given at the SVANC Board at a Town Hall Meeting held Oct. 9, 2018. (The narrative that accompanied the slides is not included.)


Burbank to Los Angeles Project Section

Burbank Area Potential Property Impacts Map Large file – Englarge to 100% to see property and street names.

Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement – Burbank to LA Project Section


Burbank to LA Project Section – Potential Property Impacts. Click to enlarge map, then zoom in to read the property names.

Letters from Elected Officials regarding the CA. High Speed Rail

U.S. Congressman Tony Cardenas
State Senator Robert M. Hertzberg
State Assemblymember Luz Rivas
CD6 LA City Councilmember Nury Martinez
CD2 LA City Councilmember Paul Krekorian


LA City Council Motions regarding the CA. High Speed Rail

CD6 LA City Councilmember Nury Martinez’s City Council Motion


CA High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) and Original Ballot Measure – Prop 1A

CHSRA Website
CHSRA Website: Palmdale to Burbank Project Section
CHSRA 2018 Business Plan
CA. Ballot Measure: Prop. 1A, Supplemental Complete Guide


Maps and Profiles

Palmdale to Burbank Project Section Map – Detail of SR14 – Revised Nov. 9, 2018
Palmdale to Burbank Project Section Map – Detail of SR14 with overlay of LA City Council Districts (CD2, CD6, CD7)

Route SR14 profile view (has Metrolink & HSR with distance of tracks)

SR14 Alignment, Depth and Profile Map

SR14 Alignment Plan and Profile Map

Map created for SVANC 2018 Presentation of SR14 Route along San Fernando Blvd
Rough Council Districts Area Map overlayed onto CA HSR Route map


Research Documents

CHSRA 2017 GeoTechnical Tunnel Feasibility Evaluation – DRAFT

California Legislative Analyst’s Office (CLAO) regarding the CHSRA 2018 Business Plan


Newspapers & Publications

3/21/2024, LA Times “Despite some progress, state’s high-speed rail is $100 billion short and many years from reality” by Colleen Shalby

3/15/24, ABC7 Eyewitness News "Another $100 billion needed to complete California’s bullet train project"

5/01/23, Daily Breeze "The cost of high-speed rail in California might surprise you " By Kurt Snibbe (also published in the Daily News and the Orange County Register.)

3/07/23, Cal Matters "New cost estimate for high-speed rail puts California bullet train $100 billion in the red " By Ralph Vartabedian

10/09/22, New York Times “How California’s Bullet Train Went Off the Rails” By Ralph Vartabedian

7/29/22, Vox “This high-speed rail project is a warning for the US, California’s “train to nowhere” shows the challenges ahead.” By Sam Ellis

5/06/2022, Cal Matters “Governor, legislators won’t budge in high-speed rail dispute” by Ralph Vartabedian

2/25/2022, LA Times “Hollywood Burbank Airport files environmental lawsuit against California’s bullet train” by Ralph Vartabedian

2/16/2022, Daily News “The bullet train just keeps on failing” by The Editorial Board

2/09/2022, Daily News “Costs for California’s high-speed rail project climb another $5 billion” by Associated Press

2/8/2022, LA Times “Costs of California’s troubled bullet train rise again, by an estimated $5 billion” by Ralph Vartabedian

1/20/2022, LA Times “Burbank fears bullet train will compromise airport safety and water, but rail authority OKs plan” by Ralph Vartabedian

11/11/2021, LA Times “Biden infrastructure funds will help state bullet train, but not as much as boosters hoped” by Ralph Vartabedian



The High Speed Tunnel Portal Facilities that are required through the San Gabriel National Monument and the Angeles National Forest!
For an eye opening understanding of the infrastructure necessary to support the tunnel through the forest, please read: TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM _ High-Speed Train Tunnel Portal Facilities TM 2.4.6. Keep in mind, one acre is approximately the size of a football field without the end zones.

“Mega Tunnel Machinesl” See what the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) is all about.

CHSRA is taking comments about their plans. If you want to submit a letter, you can address it to:
Southern California Regional Office
California High-Speed Rail Authority
355 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 2050
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Palmdale to Burbank Project Section

Southern California Regional Office
CA High Speed Rail Authority
355 S. Grand Ave. Ste. 2050
LA, CA 90071

To address your comments to the CHSRA Board of Directors, Email them at:

CA High Speed Rail Authority
Instagram: @cahsra
Twitter: @cahsra

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