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SVANC Virtual Forum on Clean Energy for the San Fernando Valley

Please join us for the SVANC Virtual Forum on Clean Energy
for the San Fernando Valley

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This will be a VIRTUAL event which you can join by:

ZOOM Meeting ID: 987 6658 0221


I. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call
Welcoming remarks from the Committee Chair.

II. Tributes: to former SVANC President Cindy Sower and Graffiti Busters head Susan Bartlett, two of Sun Valley’s champions for a better, cleaner Valley. Led by President Monica Vacas.

III. Overview of current issues and strategies, as seen by Pacoima Beautiful. Presented by Andres Ramirez, Policy Director.

IV. Effects of COVID-19 and variants on California residents’ energy needs.

V. Conservation: Electric Vehicles; mass transportation; rainwater and storm water capture; reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions; energy efficiency.

VI. Keith Malone of the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

VII. Representative from Los Angeles Water and Power (LADWP.)

VIII. Innovation: research, publications and working papers on renewable energy sources from scientists at universities including Stanford, MIT and Trinity College, Dublin.

IX. Dr. Jared Silvia of BlueDot Photonics on Solar Power under innovation.

X. Climate Change: International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University. Presented by Dr. Asher Siebert.

XI. Q&A Session

XII. Future Topics and Forums

XIII. Adjournment

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